When picking outfits for work, I always aim for comfortable clothes first. I am also a big fan of following some universal work-wear rules. Don’t show too much cleavage and hide your toes. If you’re at an university (or still at school) have your shoulder covered and keep skirts at knee-length. Setting down these rules and applying them when I create fashions sets helps me with shopping for work clothes and for choosing an outfit much quicker.


Go all in with a black and white striped suit and a pop of bright color.



Someone could say ripped jeans don’t belong in a workplace, but you can get away with something this subtle.


Make some heads turn with a pair of statement block heels. Red always goes well with powder beige.

Show some skin where you usually don’t.



Channel your inner Donna Paulsen with a fitting dress and classy shoes.



Black boots don’t have to be boring. Wear all black with a pop of red – perfect opportunity to put on a red lipstick.


If you’re not a fan of big bags, put on a backpack to store everything you’ll need through the day.



Sneakers can be professional too.


Layer a dress over a white shirt for colder days.


Put on a silk shirt and pair it white jeans to enjoy a casual Friday style.


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