Fashion and culture have always been inseparable, especially now when mainstream fashion companies rely heavily on social media as promotion platforms.

The line between art and consumer manipulation was always thin. Some designers will look for inspiration inside of themselves, but ultimately they’re not the only ones in charge of what gets put out into the world.

Along comes Balenciaga, a fashion house created in 1937. and “recreated” a number of times since the death of Cristóbal Balenciaga.

So it should come as no surprise that in 2018 they did it again, promoting their products in a way fashion brands of this magnitude rarely do. They re-design their website to give it an almost nostalgic, simple look. This couldn’t be any further form the actual design. It’s clear what they want the focus to be on. Laid out on a plain background, the colorful pieces are the only thing attracting the viewers attention.

Balenciaga Website

As far as their social media presence goes, they’ve maybe made the best decision so far. Even people who are not interested in high fashion started talking about the Balenciaga Instagram feed. The photos seem to be taken without any thought by random people. They would range from blurry photos, shoes in plant pots, dresses on floors to high quality photos with composition.

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The ongoing debate is whether all the photos are pre-planned or if the account was left to “some kids on crack” as someone in the comments of their photos put it.

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In my opinion, there is nothing random about the photos they’re posting. There are still many quality photos taking either inside or on the streets, but the random picture here and there just tries to fit in with today’s zeitgeist.

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When everyone is over-obsessing with having the perfect Instagram feed, it leaves a lot of people anxious about posting anything random which would interrupt the perfect color scheme of their feed. Posting anything and everything is a form of social media rebellion.

And to everyone whining about a big brand cashing in on “meme culture” it’s important to remember that concepts don’t belong to anyone. If you’re not going to cash in on it, someone will.

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  1. Interesting read. Instagram has become such a major factor in everyone’s life that I almost have to think that people plan everything out way too much. Everyone wants to have the most perfectly organized feed.

  2. I love how Balenciaga went for imperfect shots, I think it made the feed more creative. If that makes sense. Having a perfect motif or color scheme on your Instagram is kinda old. Or maybe it’s just me. I just don’t really take good photos.

  3. I actually like their approach on Instagram. Somehow it reminds me of Innocent, the juice brand in the UK who, whilst posting high quality photos, they always make fun of something. And sometimes you are asking yourself how on earth did they get approval to post something like that on a branded account.

  4. I think perfect Instagram accounts are boring. I like to see mess and odd photos like these. The perfect ones with the same color scheme is dull in my eyes, but everyone has different opinions!

  5. I hate feeds with a coordinated color scheme and use only this one filter and shit. What’s the point if everything is going to look the freaking same! Experimentation and not adhering to a code is key!

  6. I don’t follow Balenciaga but I can appreciate their different approach to social. Fashion IS art. I think styling their photos differently from the norm on social is akin to an avant-garde display in a magazine. Good for them.

  7. I love this brand and I don’t think they did it deliberately. But then again, brands will do anything to get attention. Must admit, this certainly made the headline, so they achieve the purpose… LOL

  8. I’ve never heard of Balenciaga (probably because I’m not really into fashion), but I love that they are going against the grain on social media. I think we need to get away from making everything look perfect all the time. No one’s lives are perfect, so why make everyone think they are?

  9. I’m not into fashion but I am familiar with the brand. It’s refreshing to see somethign as high-fashion going against the standard photoshopped, “too clean” photos.

  10. I think it’s fun to see out of the ordinary photos on a feed. I use mine for personal use mainly, and it’s fast becoming my favorite social media platform.

  11. I think in social media anything and everything can generate a debate and it is a bit tiring to me, so I stopped paying attention. I think that having a curated feed is a good thing if it is what you like, and having a spontaneous feed is a good thing if that is what you like!


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