Christian Dior once said : “High heels? Painful pleasure.” He wasn’t the only designer to stick to this opinion. Louboutin agreed by saying something similar and has been dragged around various media for his firm belief that it’s not his job to create comfortable shoes. Sure, some heels are not out to crush your feet, but if we spend our lives wearing only the most comfortable shoes we’d wear sneakers to every event. The opposite of comfortable shoes is not pain, though, it’s uncomfortable ones. So, when does our brain make the uncomfortable painful and the painful unbearable?
A common opinion is that there are really no negative or positive emotions. Anxiety, depression, anger, fear and guilt may be an attack on our dream life, but they all serve a purpose. There’s still a lot to understand about the emotions we feel. Looking at them as warning signs for a wrong way of living is only useful.
How negative can a feeling like guilt be if it makes us keep our promise? Not very negative, as long as we are in contact with our emotions. It’s important to understand your feeling and triggers for those feelings in order to grow as a person.
Ignoring warning signs like these can lead to a common problem. Our emotions start fighting their way through, attempt to be more obvious by causing one thing you can’t ignore – physical pain.  There are two ways this can happen :
1. Our pain tolerance decreases and we perceive stimuli as more painful than we usually do
2. Negative emotions start manifesting as physical pain when there is no outside stimuli causing pain
Stress and emotional triggers often cause headaches, ranging from mild headaches to migraines. Don’t be too quick to reach for pills or a cup of coffee. Stop and think. Are you going through a lot of stress? Have you tried anything to reduce this stress?
Shoulder pains are said to be the manifestation of great emotional distress. When we’re carrying emotional burdens, we often scrunch our shoulders up as though we truly are carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders, as the old saying goes. 
If you’re in pain, you’re not likely to feel good about yourself. You know that dressing well makes you feel good about yourself, but it goes the other way around. Feeling good about yourself makes you dress well. Dress to you full potential, in a way.

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We don’t have to be at either of the extremes. You don’t have to choose between taking care of an aspect of yourself others will call superficial and taking care of your mental health. Take small steps in your mental health improvement so you can make some big steps in those new heels.
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