A short disclaimer before we get started. Have you ever heard of Polyvore? There’s no wrong answers here. It used to be extremely popular, especially in eastern and southeastern Europe for women who wanted to get some free clothes. Either way, the site was sold at the beginning of April in 2018, under very shady circumstances, but not before I worked on there for two years mostly with Shein and Romwe.
So, I never paid for any of these clothes. It was all paid in coupons. That doesn’t mean this post is being sponsored in any way by these two (not really two, but alright) shops. I don’t plan on working with them on this blog, but if you’re up for it I can’t really say anything bad about their work ethic. They always payed on time and were even very reasonable when I couldn’t get the job done on the date we agreed to.
Shein and Romwe will tell you they are sister companies. Now, I don’t know much about “sister companies” but what I know is that they mostly sell all the same clothes, shoes and accessories, with Shein having some Shein exclusives and Romwe often selling the same items for less. So, if you find something you like on Shein, maybe check for the same item on Romwe and don’t be surprised if they send you something from Romwe in a Shein bag.
 With that being said, let’s get into reviewing the actual clothes. I’ll divide them into categories, because some of them are just more shady than others.


This is actually the category I’m most satisfied with. I remembering getting a coupon for around 60$ on Romwe and ordering just T-shirts with this. This was a great deal, I got about eight T-shirts. They were pretty good for the price. I will post some pictures of the shirts I bought over the past two years. I didn’t have an issue with any of them, other than some materials not really being worth any money. My advice here is not buying into the description of the materials. Sometimes a 100% cotton will feel like a 100% trash. Believe your eyes and always read reviews. If you’re looking to buy a few cheap t-shirts, I would recommend these shops.

Shein and Romwe shirt review





Some blouses are really good, I’ll make sure to post photos of those down below. I know how important it is sometimes to get a good-looking blouse for cheap. However, some of them got ripped after one or two wears.
As you can see here, get ripped at the seams, which seems to be a problem with a lot of their items. If the material looks delicate, it’s not going to last you long. Look for blouses which don’t fit tightly on your body or are made of a sturdy material.
The ones who lasted me long were these. As you can see, they’re not so tight fitting.


For the longest time, I didn’t dare to buy any jeans online. I’m not exactly petite, so the chances of them fitting me were slim. Once I started ordering them however, I was mostly satisfied. I ordered about six in total, four of which were great but two of them not so much. If you order something with a lot of stretch, it will get ruined really fast. I don’t know why this happens, but I’m guessing it’s just a cheap material. Some of the boyfriend jeans I ordered were extra fine.
However, these got ripped the second time I put them on.
I guess it’s the same formula as the blouses. If it’s tight fitting, they will rip. They can’t handle you putting much pressure on them.


I love trousers. I prefer wearing them instead of jeans, since I hate something clinging tightly to my legs. So I ordered a lot of trousers. First of all, if they’re white they will be see through. I didn’t buy any white ones because I made the smart decision of reading reviews on Shein before purchasing anything. Maybe you can find that one pair that isn’t, but it’s not worth the risk.
So, the types of trousers I loved were their culottes. I bought these last summer and I was wearing them so much. Nothing happened to them, no seams were damaged, nothing got ruined in the washing machine.
I also bought these pants from the photo below specifically for my trip to Prague as I needed something comfortable for the bus ride. I ended up wearing them most of the days. After days of squatting and sleeping, they were still perfect.

Reconecting with my emo roots __________ Photo by: @thecactithief

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However, let me show you what happened to one of my trousers just the other day. I barely put any pressure on my leg and… Well here’s the photo. I didn’t get more than 4 wears out of them.
This will happen to every pair of Shein/Romwe trousers that fit tightly, again. I had it happen to me before and I have a few pairs where I just see that they’re not going to last. I’ll probably cut these into shorts but from the looks of it, I’m not going to extend their life for long.


I have about six to seven jacket I bought on these sites and I honestly can’t complain. This one I bought on sale for just 12$.
Picture taken from the store
This denim jacket has been with me for about a year and it’s still alive, so that’s a good sign. Keep in mind that a decent jacket will cost you around 50$ on these sites, unless there’s a huge sale. So if you can buy a thrift Gucci or something for that money, I’d say go for it. Another thing which I found odd was that my friend ordered the same jacket, from the same shop just a month later and the materials are not exactly the same. I’m not an expert, but there was a slight difference in color (one was darker) so I don’t know what that tells us.
Also, I bought this coat, which I love.
And I bought my mom this coat, which I’m pretty sure she hates but just doesn’t have the heart to tell me. I wouldn’t blame her though, the boxy style doesn’t fit either of us, and it does look a bit cheap.


You wouldn’t believe the amount of dupes these shops sell. I bought an Azaelea Self Portrait knock off from here for about 50$ and it was a great wear. I did sell it recently since I didn’t wear it that much and also I wanted some money for a Mango dress that was just screaming my name. Since I did sell it, I don’t have a photo to post here so I’ll just paste the one from their website.
Picture taken from the store website
They will often sell dresses similar what Zara and H&M are selling, just for less money. I did have a few flops here, just because I ordered some smaller sizes and had to sell the dresses. Again, white dresses will show more than you want them to, so just go for another color.
This is one dress I would recommend, I have it in both green and blue and it’s just $14!
I don’t think you can do much wrong here, except for watching the sizes, since these sites will often have smaller sizes than what we’re used to.


Don’t buy your everyday shoes here. I used to buy boots every month because they would never survive more than that. It seems like their soles are made out of cupboard or something. They will create a very unique shape as you wear them (basically the sides will wear off).
I don’t have any pictures of boots because I throw them all away within a month. This is one item I would never recommend buying from Shein/Romwe.
Sneakers are no better with their survival abilities. However, I will just point these ones out as an exception. I bought two pairs, one for me one for my mom and they are insanely comfortable and will not wear out easily. So, maybe go for some sneakers with similar soles if you want to buy yours here.
As for special occasion shoes, I don’t think you should necessarily avoid these shops. There’s not much of a chance you’ll ruin them as you’ll wear them maybe 5-6 times per year. If you’re looking to keep up with trends then going for a cheap but trendy option is the best thing.


Don’t think a 1$ necklace will look anything other than like a 1$ necklace. I personally don’t buy jewelry from here, rarely buy it at all. I did buy a bunch of sunglasses on these sites and they’re all decent. Honestly, there’s not much of a difference between 7$ sunglasses and 20$ sunglasses, so since you’re not going for 200$ ones, why not just buy them as cheap as possible? I bought sunglasses from stores like Bershka and Pull&Bear, it’s around that quality range.
There’s a lot more items I got from these stores, but taking photos is hard since I live in two different locations and never have everything with me. So if you’re looking into buying something from them you can always DM me on Instagram (@silk.ego) and maybe I already bought something similar and can give you some insight
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