Lately I’ve been having a hard time getting into work after waking up. This is just one of the ways I’ve been failing myself, right next to never exercising and eating nothing but junk food. I’m sure any student in exam season would sympathize with me here. However, as motivated as I am to get all my work done in one week prior to exams, getting into the actual studying has been a challenge.
I would usually wake up at 7 a.m. every day, give or take one or two days when I falsely convince myself I’ve earned an hour of sleeping in. The reason I say “falsely convince” is not because I’ve done no work the day before, but because letting yourself sleep in an hour (which will turn into three) is not doing you any good. But that is another topic and I am not getting into the importance of waking up at the same time every day now.
Even with a well thought out morning routine, sometimes it’s hard to switch from drinking tea and having breakfast to working. This had me thinking, is my clothes affecting my productivity?
The simple answer is, yes.
The clothes we sleep in are priming us for, well, sleeping. Once you slip into your PJ’s or old T-shirt and sweatpants, you’re brain knows what’s going on. You’re ready to sleep. So when you stay in them until noon your brain also knows you’re not getting shit done. This doesn’t have to be true for everyone. Highly motivated people will be able to get their work done no matter what, but then again, highly motivated people won’t really wear their old sweatpants until noon.
The effect of appearance on interpersonal judgments is undeniable at this point. Self‐perception theory suggests that  appearance, which affects our impressions of others may also affect our impressions of self. How you perceive yourself is important for your productivity.
Now that we know that staying in your PJ’s isn’t doing anyone any good, it’s time to think about what to wear when you want to be productive. You don’t want to go full-on business attire here. I’m sure most of you already have clothes you wear around the house. If that’s not the case or if you’re just looking to refresh your wardrobe a bit, here are some tips. These are mostly tips for people working from home and students who spend a lot of time studying and doing projects from home.
Don’t just get a fancier version of your sweatpants or sleeping shirt and still sleep in them, thinking that will do the trick.
Try to stay away from skinny jeans. If you’re just going to sit at your desk and study or write on your laptop, you’d think anything would be comfortable enough. However, you should go for something that doesn’t have a stiff fabric which hugs your legs too tight. There have been cases of skinny jeans causing compartment syndrome, a condition that results from increased pressure in a confined body space. Don’t ditch skinny jeans altogether, but don’t wear them if you’re going to stay in the same position for hours.
If you’re a fan of leggings, these could come in pretty handy here.
What works best is a maxi dress (or any other length you’re comfortable with).
I love this because it’s so easy, honestly. Sure, it only works during summer or in warmer places, but come on, it’s 2018. Just get one of those knitted winter dresses if that’s what’s stopping you.
Alright, those are my top 3 tips for comfortable clothes to boost your productivity. I focused a lot on working from home when I created these sets, so if you need some inspiration for work outfits, stay tuned for my next post!
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