I’m sorry but I love lists. They make everything easier to read and seem more organized. Also, when you read one point of a list and you’re immediately like “nope” you can just skip it and move on to the next one. How convenient is that?
Clothes are not souvenirs. Don’t get too emotionally attached to items which serve absolutely no purpose in your life. Sure, if it was a gift or a dress from your baby days, I get the sentiment behind keeping it. On the other hand, don’t cling to fast fashion items because they look good but do nothing for you. Just get rid of them – sell them, gift them, donate them.

1.  Clothes that don’t fit you

Please hear me out. I know this is so basic and you’ll just glance at it and still won’t do this. But just think about it. Why are you still keeping these items? It’s clear where a lot of people are coming from.  I used to be obsessed with losing weight so I would buy something a few sizes smaller and convince myself I would use this as motivation to get rid of the extra weight. This never worked. If you buy something you want to wear when you accomplish a goal, you’ve already rewarded yourself for something you didn’t even do. How do you think that makes your brain feel? Like a fuh success. The part of you that’s all about immediate satisfaction already got what it wanted so why work hard for it now?
If you’ve been convincing yourself you’ll eventually get to shortening a skirt or repairing a pair of jeans for the past few months, there’s a big chance you’ll never do it. Sell it and make some extra cash to buy something that actually fits you.
Clothes I’m getting rid of because they don’t fit my size
I’ve been hoarding clothes for so long that selling all of it would probably take me a year, so I’ll just end up donating most of it or selling it by bags. I want my closet to have a new start and if you’re a student, moving between home and dorm a lot, you can understand where I’m coming from.

2. Clothes you grew out of, in a metaphorical sense

Your style may still be evolving, it surely has been evolving for the past few years. There must be a lot of clothes you still like and wear, but it just doesn’t suite your current aesthetic. Maybe you went from goth to glam diva and now whatever you put on doesn’t match your spiked boots (maybe not a good example since spiked boots can get pretty glam nowadays, but you get the idea).
Clothes that don’t fit my style anymore
It’s time to get rid of everything that makes you question your style every time you put it on. I know getting rid pretty much means getting it out of your life, but you can also adjust the clothes for your new style. Maybe cut some sleeves, get some fabric color or take the spikes out.

3. Lonely socks

Let’s be real, if you didn’t find that other sock in the past year, there’s a slim chance you’ll find it now. I know socks don’t take up much space so you might not even mind, but I get so annoyed every single time I put on a sock and realize the other one has moved out a long time ago.
Someone might attempt to just wear mismatch socks. It’s your life, do whatever you want. But if you’re over the age of 18, you should really consider what’s making you wear mismatched socks. If it’s two socks that look like they’re from the same collection, you can wear them together. I wouldn’t even consider this a mismatch. But don’t put on a Christmas sock on one foot and a zebra print sock on the other.

4. Expired makeup

Go through your makeup and check the expiration dates on every item. Cleansers can last you from 6 months to a year. Same goes for concealers and moisturizers.

Powdery items like eye-shadow, powder blush or face powder will mostly last up to two years. Then again, if you own a really expensive eyeshadow palette, read up on that. You wouldn’t want throwing away something that might still be usable.

Lipsticks will last you about 2 years, while a lip gloss will mostly last just one. And we all know you should throw away your mascara after the expiration date, which is anywhere between 2 and 6 months.

If you need to stock up on mascara I would recommend Kush Mascara, one hit for high volume. It’s one of the best out there, but if you’re not ready to commit, Milk Makeup has an awesome offer. You get a  FREE Deluxe Kush Mascara Sample with any $25+ order
There’s a reason people will often tell you to invest money in a good fragrance and store it well. Perfumes last up to 10 years so you will use it up before you have to throw it away.

5. Clones

It’s only natural to have many similar items. You like something so you buy it…and then you buy it again. The next week it’s on sale so you go for it. This way you end up with ten white and marine-blue  striped shirts with every possible variation of the stripe thickness. There’s nothing wrong with having two or three white t-shirts with a print. Shirts get dirty easily and one stain could end the life of a shirt.
But do you really need five pairs of black ankle boots? I used to act like I’ll grow out four more pairs of legs anytime now, so I need to have matching shoes for every foot. The truth is, shoes take up a lot of space, so do hoodies and jackets. Don’t buy them in doubles and if you already did, don’t keep all of them.

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